Melanie has been cleaning our home for the past three years now.  Busily running a restaurant and with three kids, our home is naturally a mess.  Melanie is a pleasure to have around; she cleans thoroughly and has a good attitude.  We have always trusted Melanie with working alone at our home. ~ Michael and Patsy


There are some key characteristics that I look for in a personal assistant.
1) Honesty & trustworthy
2) Reliability
3) Skilled at the task
When I moved into the area, it took me 3 years to find Melanie.  The 1st person that I hired to help me clean my house was not reliable. She was an excellent house-keeper that was always calling in sick. The 2nd person was not skilled at the task. I had to clean after she cleaned.  And, the 3rd person that I hired was not trustworthy.  I was unsure of her being in my house alone. Melanie was an absolute blessing to us.  If you are looking for someone that you can depend on, give her a try.   ~ Yvonna


Melanie is awesome! I could not live with out her! She keeps me straight. She has cleaned my personal home for 3 years. She has also cleaned resale homes and homes for my clients. She is very dependable and trustworthy. If I owned a diamond mine I would hire her full time to watch it for me. ~ Hope



After an exhaustive search of trying to find a competent cleaning crew to maintain our household needs, Melanie has been the answer.  We cannot say enough about her work ethic and the pride she takes in the job that she does.  My wife and I have used numerous cleaning services over the years and Melanie has been the only one that we have been satisfied with.  This is not to say that we are difficult to please.  We just have a different view of what "clean" means.  With other companies, we have always come home to find things that have not been done. ie. Ceiling fans were not dusted, parts of the floors and kitchen were not mopped, dustballs around the baseboards present, or the blinds still dusty.  It was frustrating to be paying 2 to 3 people everyweek to come into your home expecting a great job and always getting just an "okay" job.  Melanie has worked with us and understands what we are looking for.  She has been with us for years now and knows our house inside and out.  If there is something that needs to be addressed, she lets us know and vice-versa. Also she has been fantastic when there has been a conflict in schedules, such as vacations or sickness in the family.  She knows and understands the needs of families as she is a mother of children herself. She has always worked with us in these situations and for that we are truly grateful. We wish nothing but continued success in her business venture and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a competent house cleaning professional.       ~  John and Lisa


*References available upon request.